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    What Sumo Wrestlers eat every day ちゃんこ鍋

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    I’m kinda surprised that woman want to know how to make chanko nabe. I never expected she was gonna order this dish…lol

    Chanko nabe is a Japanese stew (a type of nabemono or one-pot dish) commonly eaten in vast quantity by sumo wrestlers as part of a weight gain diet. The bulk of chankonabe is made up of large quantities of protein sources (usually chicken, tofu, fish…).

    Ingredients for serving 3 ~ 4 (3~4人分)
    : 1/4 or 500g Hakusai()Chinese cabbage) 1/4個白菜
    : 300g Tofu (豆腐300g)
    : 2 Abura age (油揚げ2枚)
    : 50g Shungiku (春菊50g)
    : 50g Negi green onion (ねぎ50g)
    : Carot (人参)
    : 3 Shiitake (しいたけ3枚)
    : 100g Enokidake (えのきだけ100g)
    : 60g Shimeji (しめじ60g)
    : 1000ml Japanese Dashi or Chicken stock (出汁1000cc)
    : 2tbsp Miso (大2 味噌)
    : Soy sauce to your taste (醤油はお好みで)

    For Chicken ball
    : 200g Ground Chicken (鶏ひき肉200g)
    : 1tsp soy sauce (小1 しょうゆ)
    : 1tsp sake (小1 酒)
    : Grated garlic and ginger (おろしにんにく、しょうがは適量)

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