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    Eclipse CD7200 MKII

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    Welcome to RPM, your pedal to the metal guide to all things automotive – I’m Aubree Knecht. On today’s edition, we’re gonna check out the ECLIPSE CD7200 MKII CD and MEDIA PLAYER!

    Technology these days is becoming overly complicated for the average user. Luckily, the ECLIPSE CD7200 MKII is a simple piece of equipment that can give you the most complete audio experience in the comfort of your own car. Its quality AND simplicity at its finest.

    The MKII is BLUETOOTH friendly, due to certain obligations to the law in most states, and it’s what people in the audio biz call a “deadhead”, which means that has no internal power or amp to speak of. The unit isolates itself via a copper-plated chassis, which means that there’s no noise distortion to bother with your listening pleasure. There are also gold-plated connectors, 24-bit DSP and an amazing 8V preamp output, making the MK II fully loaded. That, my friends, is one truly remarkable car CD player!

    The audio quality is superb, with the ability to play HD radio and lossless songs from your iPod, which means no data, or quality, is lost in the compression process. And if you don’t speak tech, that all translates to pure mus

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    Added: June 26, 2008

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