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    About me. [yt15minutes]

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    This video is an intimate look to my life right now. I tried to make it close to reality as much as possible.
    I’m positive it is everything people should know about me right now.

    Some important omissions:
    My cat Gavino, which doesn’t appear because I really didn’t know where to put him;
    A scene where I show some photo slides: "When I want to say something I do that through images";
    A quite NSFW thing I couldn’t include for obvious reasons;
    Jerri Blank.

    The music I used in this video:
    "Silence" and "Away" by Philip Croaton ( )
    "Street Kid" by Desolation Wilderness ( )

    This video was entirely shot with my very patient Canon EOS 550D (which will show me the finger very soon). The video inside the monitor was shot with a JVC GR-AX280. Google it, I dare you!
    I’m sorry I couldn’t provide a Full HD version, but my computer is incredibly old and cannot manage anything above SD. I had to scale down almost (maybe more than) 40 minutes of Full HD video to a much heavier 640×360 uncompressed AVI. But I bet you don’t care, so no HD, sorry. Also, fun fact, my computer died twice while editing the video.

    Also, it’s 2AM and maybe I can enter the contest just before the deadline! Yay! Now I can go to bed (after 4 days).

    previous music video next music video

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