Fashion Fails of the Week: Jennifer Lopez, Lamar Odom & More

Αυτά τα είδες;

Subscribe & be notified of new videos from CelebTV – Follow Us! – Become a Fan! – Jennifer Lopez’s jumpsuit, Lamar Odom’s wacky suit and Amber Rose’s roadkill scarf are this week’s fashion fails! Fashion can be a wonderful thing… but in the wrong hands, things can go from funky to fugly…fast. Check out the celebs who used and abused fashion in this week’s fashion fails. Jennifer Lopez just got hired as American Idol’s next judge… but who judged her outfit before she left! J-LO wore this form fitting jumpsuit that was obviously too tight… check out this frontal wedgie she’s showing off here! Oh and let’s not forget those ridiculously large hoop earrings… that’s so Jenny from the block! Lamar, this is not okay! Shiny blue rayon does not coordinate with that arm candy you’re sporting! Khloe, you work in the fashion biz, how could you let your man out in a silk bowling shirt and dress pants? I guess for these newlyweds, love really is blind! While Pam and Lamar made us shake our heads this week, Amber Rose made us close our eyes with her many style bloopers. Amber wore three — count ’em, three! — terrible outfits to fashion week in Milan! Her Chewbacca inspired collar was an epic fail! And was she channeling her inner Lady Gaga when she stepped out in this sparkly little number and geeked out glasses? BUT we gotta say, Amber’s lack of fabric on this plunging purple dress — paired with a feathered bag — was the <b>…</b>