With small webcams and GPS technology becoming more common, it is easier than ever to stalk someone. Daniel Sieberg reports.… ρίξε μια Ματιά! Harry Smith speaks with the editor-in-chief of Prevention Magazine about fighting fat and low blood sugar and still eating great. Ο Χάρυ Σμιθ μιλάει με τον αρχισυντάκτη του περιοδικού Prevention για την… ρίξε μια Ματιά! The controversial mother of octuplets spoke out in an interview with NBC News. As Hattie Kauffman reports, public documents reveal she paid for fertility treatments with disability payments.… ρίξε μια Ματιά! An 18-year-old Wisconsin man posed as several girls on the social networking Web site Facebook and allegedly blackmailed underage teens into performing sexual favors. Michelle Miller reports.… ρίξε μια Ματιά! Six of the remaining eight quarterbacks in the playoffs have played in the Super Bowl. Ian Eagle, Clark Judge, and Jason Horowitz see which quarterback they’d trust with the ball late in… ρίξε μια Ματιά! As Israeli troops push deeper into Gaza on the 1st full day of ground operations, many civilians are finding themselves caught in the crossfire. Richard Roth reports. Author: CBS Keywords: CBS Evening… ρίξε μια Ματιά! Defying the skeptics, Fidel Castros Cuban Revolution is now celebrating its 50th year in power. CBS News Portia Siegelbaum reports from Havana. Author: CBS Keywords: Only On The Web Communist Communism Fidel… ρίξε μια Ματιά! Commuters were rescued from a watery roadway outside of Washington, DC Tuesday morning. Boats and choppers brought those trapped in cars to safety. Author: CBS Keywords: Water Break Bethesda Rescue Choppers Added:… ρίξε μια Ματιά! Petrous Moldovan, chef de cuisine from the Russian Tea Room, shares his recipe for the traditional Russian favorite with Harry Smith. Author: CBS Keywords: petrous moldovan russian tea room borscht recipe Added:… ρίξε μια Ματιά! The FDA is considering a ban of two popular medications, Serevent and Floradil, used by people with asthma. The drugs may cause people to overdose or delay treatment. Dr. Jon LaPook reports.… ρίξε μια Ματιά!